Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well this is a very very late post !

Ive been rather busy lately, over christmas working etc, so i do apologise for this but,
better late than never aye!

This post is about Winter Wonderland in Hyde park (no longer there, now but will be back next year :).
It was the most magical thing ive ever been to, especially as i went with the lovely boyfriend!

It was beautiful, the atmosphere there, the stalls and the activites that where avaliable, it was all so festive and christmassy. Plus the bonus of it was, you would love it whether you were just with friends, or loved ones, or family, it was definatley an occasion for all people.

Firtsly we walked around the place, to get a feel of it and see where everything was basically. We chose to go at night, as thats when our ice skating times where. ( You have to book in advance if you want to go ice skating, as they have high volumes of people, you can do this by booking online and they show you the avaliable times you can choose.)

It was beautiful, the little stalls where my favourite.. where john bought me these...

So we had a little time to kill before our ice skating was due, we went into a little hut, that had food and alcohol! what more could you want, the only downside was that the place we went into had a spinning floor which was also the bar, i couldnt look at it for very long it made me feel sick and dizzy, haha!So we filled our bellys up of some food and a cheeky beverage, then headed back out, on our way .. we decided we would take advantage of the statues around the park and got pictures with nearly everything haha! .. here is a couple for you to check out...

Me and my toy solider.

John Very Stuck :) Hahaha

We then decided to hit the big wheel, at first i was fine about it until we actually got right up to it, i saw the size of it and started to panic a little, i kept it well hidden of course! But it was so worth it when we got upto the top, the view was amazing, and i just wanted to stay there forever, it was truly something magical.

We finally ended up with our ice skating fiasco, i hadnt been since i was like 15 so 4 years ago, and even then it was my first time, so i wasnt quite sure how i would be on the ice, but my bambi style boyfriend was a bit more concerned than me, he was so sure that he would be straight on his face as soon as he got on the ice, but with me as a perfect guide, he was amazing at it (for his first go), he was wobbling around a little at first going forwards and backwards trying to get his balance, but after about ten minutes he was fine, gliding around the place with me in tow! It was amazing, although some of the professionals where just zooming past us, which made the rest of us feel a little inadequate. But all in all it was a fantastic experience, they even had a photographer on the ice which was brilliant.

I would definatley reccomend going, if your close to london or even just an excuse to get down there, this winter when it comes back, it will be an amazing experience and i guarantee you will love it just like we did. :D

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