Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nu Bar - ESSEX

Well this is another late post ! But bare with me while i catch up :D ..

So here we are, its coming up to the week of christmas and i was going down to my boyfriends in london, when we come to the dielmma of what to do on new years eve? Hmm there where a few options.
1. Go into london - (Hmm to expensive)
2. Go to cambridge - (We'd already been there)
3. Somewhere new -( But where?)

So, looking for somewhere new to go, i get searching twitter, and come across  @nubar_essex , who ive been following for a while, and i always see the pictures from there, and it always looks packed. So i decided to put the idea across to john (and secretley pray he would agree), for us to go.

It turned out, that he had never been to essex before and agreed it would be something different, so it was final! Nu bar it was.

I found an amazing little hotel on laterooms.com (amazing offers on there!) for £65, which we both thought was ideally located and so cheap especially for new years eve night, and in essex, john provided the tickets and we were all set to go.

So we started the night off in the hotel room, id sent john out to get some alcohol and munchies, yet he came back with a bottle of wine, cookies crisps and a bottle of champagne! (all fun and games)

We even experimented putting tan on john ( but i wont talk to much about it as he will kill me, i will say though that he washed it straight off haha!!)

The night started out.. pretty much normal and nice like this ..

We were all set to go and get ready to rave our socks off, the hotel was great with a great service and a taxi service straight away. So we finally got there and at first i was a little shocked as i wasnt expecting it to be situated where it was, and i did assume it was going to be alot bigger, but as they say, 'good things come in small packages'. We were very impressed as the night got going. The music was excellent , the atmosphere was brilliant, and even the people were very friendly, especially when they heard me speak they were all complimentive! And even two guys in there were in love with my hair haha!

All in all it was an excellent night, we had raved till our feet hurt (well mine, and my killer heels) met some amazing people, and i would definatley go back again! One of the best bars that i have been to in a long time, with great service, a great atmosphere and great people in there.
ill leave you with some pics of how the night ended, but if your ever down that way! Do drop in , as you will be sure to enjoy your night no matter who your with :) ..


  1. great blog! you are stunning! Following :D

  2. You are stunning! I love a bit of NU bar :)
    LaceyLoves x