Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Inked for life ..

Well this is for all you tattoo lovers out there,
Its safe to say i am a tattoo fanatic, and when people say once you get one your addicted and you always
want another because this is exactly like me, in total i have 3., and im still itching to
get a few more.
For those that dont know me i basically just wanted to explain the reasons behind why i have the tattoos, and what they mean to me, as i definatley believe that you should only get a tattoo until you know exactly what you want and if it means something to you.. So here goes ..

My first tattoo..                                                              
I got this done back in august 2010,   i was sooooo scared (because i cant take any sort of pain)
But i sat in the chair and thought come on lets do this!! .. and tbh if you've never had a tattoo, it wasnt as bad as what i thought, its just a hot stinging pain, and in all fairness quite very addictive haha!
Anyway it says 'she flies with her own wings'. i chose this because, it basically means that she has her own independance, and from a very young age i have been very independant, ive never had my mum tell me or force me into do anything i didnt want to do, she let me do what i wanted aslong as it made me happy, and i think it just reflects me as a person.

So the 2nd tattoo guys is ...

This is just a butterfly on my hip and i got this in march 2011..this was basically to match my first tattoo 'she flies with her own wings' .. i also got this because i love butteflies there so pretty and delicate, pretty much like me, (in the delicate sense anyway).

Lastly my last tattoo which i got in july 2011..

This is my favourite tattoo if i had to choose one. This says 'Credere Fudicia Sognare' which means .. 'Believe Trust Dream' in italian. This tattoo is more of a motivational one, because yes even me! needs a little confidence boost lately, i got it to remind me that anything is possible, and alls i need to do is basically Believe, trust and dream, and ill get where i want to be in life. Im one of those people who comes across all confident and smiley, but really im not i have so many negatives, and this is basically to remind me that, everything will be okay, and ill be fine no matter what happens.

So now a few treats for you guys to show you them all together :) .. Enjoy !! and P.S if your thinking of getting a tattoo ! Definatley think about what you want because at the end of the day you are inked for life....

Mwah mwah mwah .. xxxx <3


  1. ahh i love tattoos!

    adore your rib one super cute <3


    1. Thanks hunni!

      im currently planning another one! very addictive hahha xx

  2. Lovely tattoos! I have a white/ uv 'believe' tattoo on my wrist for similar reasons to your latest tattoo. It’s nice to have something to give you confidence =]

    Lovely blog and post

    Tanesha x

    1. aww thank you! i know, its sort of a confidence boost, and gives you a little faith with tattoos like that :D

      Thanks for taking the time to read it :)

      Much love xx