Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The One..

Well I’m Very new to this guys, so bare with me on the process of blogging.. (i may be awful at it haha.)
I first wanted to blog about something that’s very special to me (many of you may not read it or be interested but, I wanted to blog about fun things, and things that are important to me.) 
So here goes.. 
                 There is one very special person in my life right now, and they have changed my world upside down, even more than i could ever imagine possible. Its like that feeling you got when you was a child, waiting in excitement and anticipation to run downstairs and see what Santa brought you, well i get this feeling every time i see his smile, or when im about to see him again. 
I know people can relate to this because, i know most of you will have felt like this or feel like this at some point in your life. But everyday feels magical, the butterflies i get, the way i feel, the fact there’s a spring to every step i take, and its all because of him, the one person, who gets me and understands me, and who would never let me down. 
   Im sorry for going on and it might all sound a cliché to some , but i cant help but fall madly in love every single day more and more.. i do believe that you have to kiss alot of frogs before you find your prince.. as i know because ive kissed many of frogs (worthless frogs may i add haha) but i finally got my prince.. 
And i wouldnt change him for anything in the world!.. 
But for girls out there who have lost a little hope, and feel like giving up on love.. dont give up, theres someone out there for everyone, believe me i went through the exact same, your time will come till you find your prince charming… <3 i guarantee it …
Much Love Guys ... xxx

P.S Here is my Prince ... 

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